Nature Badge will market over 100 normally appealing and useful products (stories, education, games, outdoor exploration items/ clothing/ accessories/ scopes, utensils, etc.), while boosting environmental/ecological stewardship outcomes.

While products are geared toward children, many adults will also enjoy the stories and products, purchasing the colorful, fun “giftable” products to give to loved ones.

Over 100 Fun & Engaging Products…


Products and badges especially designed to appeal to children in K-6 grades.


Products and badges specifically geared toward children in grades 7-12.


The key literary product is a 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch “Book kit” containing seven parts.


The key experiential product with 7 pockets to encourage exploration and daily use.



The key literary product is a 5 ½ x 8 ½ inch “Book kit” of seven parts: 1) Story section, 2) Nature Guidebook section explaining the science and vocabulary from the story, 3) Guided Journal section, promoting outdoor exploration, 4) Quizzes for earning topic Badges towards a Passport, 5) Real-world Re-generation example booklet, 6) Eco-Restoration riparian example booklet, showing 2% of NB revenue spent on solutions, and 7) Product Catalog.


The key experiential product is the Nature Badge-design backpack which has 7 pockets to encourage exploration and daily use. It’s an identity thing, as every student uses a backpack (in fact every person of any age uses one in some way).

  • The backpack will look “normal” in overall shape and proportion for a school pack, but will have extra pockets, and flaps over top and front pocket to keep rain out. The top flap can be raised with straps to hold jacket, and, can have a flexible solar panel attached as a phone charger.
  • 7-pockets: (1) The front pocket (with logo badge) will hold 5 ½ x 8 ½ book kit with stories, day planner, guides, etc. Side pockets will hold: (2) Water bottle, (3) Cell phone, (4) 1st Aide kit, (5) scopes/ explorer items. Inside dividers will have: (6) laptop pocket, (7) large pocket for books, clothing, food, etc.

Youth “Learner/customers” are encouraged to become repeat buyers, and also Nature Badge Explorer Club members who, over several years-time, get to know the mythical Candorshire, Colorado setting inside and out, and eventually collect all of the many dozens of products – complementing the achievement badges they earn over time.

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